Tianxing Electrical Co. , Ltd was awarded “Torch Contribution Award” at the 2023 supplier conference
Posted On:2024-03-20 15:00:01

On March 20-21, the 2024 Group held a 2023 supplier conference in Hangzhou Bay, Ningbo. The theme of the conference was “Cultivating the mind and nature with cultivation, lean 60s co-creation”. Our general manager Qian Zhihong, Vice President Zhang Hongwei, Vice President Qian Tianxing, director of Quality Department Luo Fumao was invited to attend. Skywalker electric was awarded the "Torch Contribution Award" for 2023. From the second half of 2020 onwards, Skywalker electrical undertook the Asian Games Torch Core R & D and manufacturing projects. Because the Asian Games torch related to our country in the international image, the torch relay process can not make a mistake, a bad, and time-sensitive task heavy, our team put lean zero defect ideas into every process, every step, with zero ideas, zero requirements to make every Asian Games torch core to zero defects, and finally for the smooth delivery of the Asian Games torch made their own contribution.

Tianxing electrical appliance wins “Torch Contribution Award” for 2023 degree

TAM electric won the 2023“Quality Benchmark” award. 2023, Tam electric combines zero-defect and lean production to advance lean zero-defect work, striving for excellence in product technology and process. In order to optimize product layout and improve product qualification rate, automatic soldering equipment, AOI testing equipment and automatic plug-in machine were introduced, and in order to ensure product reliability, provincial high-tech Enterprise R & D Center was established, a special laboratory was set up. At the same time, we promote the“Zero defect start again” campaign, hold a special promotion meeting, set up a promotion group, carry out quality awareness training, carry out“The first thing to do right” reading and sharing activities, establish“Zero defect” project, etc. , let the quality awareness in the hearts of the people, from the top to the bottom formed a“Everyone take responsibility, linked” working atmosphere, and finally make some of our products in the customer really reached zero defects.

TAM electric wins 2023“Quality Benchmark” award

Our company will continue to carry out lean zero defect activities, start from the small things, start from the details, adhere to the zero defect concept, so that each employee from the heart and action to pursue zero defects, finally create a“Everyone responsible, linked, the first thing to do the right” zero defect quality culture, the realization of“Quality, efficiency, loss, innovation,” the general goal of the policy!