Love to help students pass hope to light the dream
Posted On:2023-10-07 20:00:02

Fist love ignites the light of hope, pieces of truth hold up the Sun Tomorrow. On the morning of October 7, the charity donation 2023 of Cixi Tianxing Electrical Appliance Co. , Ltd. was held in the conference room on the 4th floor of Wende Building, Fudan School, Wu River, Xifeng County, Guizhou province, the donation was strongly supported by the Youth League committees of Xifeng County and Fudan University. The donation ceremony was officiated by Lin Zhongyuan, the principal of Fudan School in Wu River, Xifeng County. Qian Zhihong, general manager of our company, and five others, Wang Yinghao, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Fudan University, and Zhong Wanchen, secretary of the Youth League of Xifeng County, some student representatives attended the donation ceremony. Our company has donated 100,000 yuan worth of materials to Fudan school in Wu River, Xifeng County, and distributed 2,800 yuan to each of the 13 needy students. Before the donation ceremony, Lin accompanied us to visit the school's teaching building, playground, canteen, dormitory, this paper introduces the history of running a school, campus culture, the“Three virtues” education idea and the teaching achievements in recent years, and expresses high respect and heartfelt thanks to our company and the Youth League Committee of Fudan University.

At the donation ceremony, the company's general manager, Qian, delivered a speech, he said that he was very happy to have such a caring opportunity to help students, to do their own modest efforts to give the children some warmth, help students with difficulties ignite hope in learning. The activity is based on a group of pictures and a group of words sent to me by my daughter, which touched my Psycho at that time. Many students from poor families, left-behind children... ... these children who are struggling in the face of adversity, especially in need of social assistance and love, they are also eager to grow up under the same blue sky . Of course, the significance of student aid activities is far beyond material and financial assistance, what is more important is the encouragement and encouragement of the spirit, so I want to give to you the old adage, which is the core value of our company and my motto, “Be a gentleman and strive for excellence.” No matter what Any Time, Any Place, i hope that all of you will not give up and keep up the spirit of self-improvement. I hope that you will cherish your learning opportunities and Split Second to build up the spirit of self-esteem, self-love, self-reliance, self-improvement and self-improvement, accumulate knowledge, enrich themselves, strive to be“Ideal, moral, cultural, discipline,” the new generation of successors, with their own wisdom and hands to create a better future ! Harmonious atmosphere, let us feel the power of love. In conclusion, Lin said that all the teachers and students of Fudan school in Wu River will bear in mind this kind of love and will not let down the care and kindness of the Caring Enterprises and the Youth League Committee of Fudan University. They will spare no effort to provide education to the satisfaction of the people.


General Manager Qian Zhihong grants grants to needy students

General Manager Qian Zhihong donated 100,000 yuan worth of materials