The company opened the“Salary” for the year of the Dragon Company leadership for employees to pay red envelopes
Posted On:2024-02-18 09:02:02

Reunion of the temperature is also dense among the heart, the gong and drum has been a happy sound. February 18 on the ninth day of the first Lunar New Year, the first working day after the arrival of the scheduled, Skywalker Electric, Tamm electric staff arrival rate reached 80% , everyone in place, began to sound the Horn of the year of the Dragon! The leading group of the company visited the employees of all departments and workshops, and gave them red envelopes for opening the door, thanking the strivers who came to work on the first day of the New Year. At the same time exhort, encourage everyone: Based on a new starting point, re-war new journey! Employees have said that the new year, must be based on the post to do their job, and the company together to create good results.