2023 gas appliances and kitchenware and kitchen appliances industry association member Conference Company won the Fifth Council vice-chairman unit product won the “Technology breakthrough award”, “Smart Star”
Posted On:2023-11-23 13:01:02

On November 23,2006, the 5th first session of the Zhejiang Gas and kitchen appliance industry association and the Forum on Innovation and development of the 20232023 industry were successfully held at the century Jinyuan Hotel in Hangzhou Bay. Huang Jianping, Secretary of the party committee of the Zhejiang Province trade association in the field of economy and information; Zhang Dongli, chairman of the China Hardware Products Association; Meng fanbo, vice chairman of the China Hardware Products Association; Wang Qi, executive director and deputy secretary-general of the gas branch of the China Civil Engineering Society; and director of the application and Gas Heating Committee of the gas branch, and from within and outside the province gas appliances and kitchen appliances of the whole machine, spare parts and testing equipment, Certification Body Enterprises, media friends a total of more than 350 people to participate in the meeting. The theme of the conference is“Starting the fire, creating the future”, which aims at discussing and exchanging the achievements, application of new technology and future development of Zhejiang gas appliance and kitchen appliance industry, to seek a new path of high-quality industry transformation and upgrading, to further promote the gas and kitchen appliances industry in Zhejiang province, to forge ahead, continue to be brilliant.

At the first meeting of the fifth session of the council at the conference, the new president, the vice-president and the secretary-general were elected by secret ballot, at the same time, the 5th Board of Directors and supervisors were also held at the ceremony. Cixi Tianxing Electrical Appliance Co. , Ltd. was selected as the 5th Council (2024-2028) vice-chairman unit, Qian Zhihong General Manager to accept the award. The last item on the agenda of this meeting is to recognize the advanced segment, the association successively awarded awards such as“Outstanding Standard Contribution Award”, “Design creative award”, “Technological breakthrough award”, “Intelligent star”, “Energy-saving star”, and excellent thesis award, multi-dimensional display of the kitchen power enterprises of the strong strength and scientific research results. The“52ZWP series multi-function micro water pump” product won the“Technology breakthrough award”, “TWVDC2460A double-stage water quantity server” product won the“Intelligent Star”. As the leader of gas appliance parts industry, tianxing electric appliance always focuses on the research and manufacture of gas appliance parts. Innovation will lead to progress, innovation will lead to development, tianxing electric will always be driven by innovation to achieve new breakthroughs in gas appliances industry, gas appliances industry in Zhejiang province for the development of brick and tile.