Tianxing Electric Co. , Ltd won the 2023 of Zhejiang small giant enterprise of Science and technology
Posted On:2023-11-03 11:12:01

On November 3, the 2023 of Science and Technology Bureau of Zhejiang Province released a list of 2023 leading enterprises and small giant enterprises in Zhejiang province, recommended by the Cixi City Science and Technology Bureau and the Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau, zhejiang provincial Department of Science and Technology Review, Tianxing Electric in science and technology innovation ability and business development level of hard core strength, was successfully awarded the“Zhejiang Small Giant Enterprise Science and technology” title, another heavyweight scientific honor. The small giant enterprise of science and technology refers to the high-tech enterprise with strong scientific and technological innovation ability, high market share and good operation and growth, the specific requirements include: first, a more perfect enterprise innovation system, innovation mechanism and corresponding scientific research investment; second, independent intellectual property brand products; Fourth, good credit and strong financing capacity. Small giant enterprises in science and technology is the reserve of leading enterprises, can play a leading role in the field of high-tech segmentation leading enterprises, leading to the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain, large and medium-sized enterprises innovation and development. This award is the recognition and affirmation of Tianxing's R & D strength, independent innovation, sustainable development and other comprehensive capabilities, which is of great significance for the company to further improve its core competitiveness. Our company will take this opportunity to continue the enterprise mission of“Creating intelligent, safe and energy-saving gas appliance parts”, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and play a leading role in the field of segmentation, to provide customers with the leading gas parts system solutions.