The company held a 2023 work summary and 2024 policy briefing
Posted On:2024-01-27 00:08:00

On the afternoon of January 27, the 20242023 a careful summary of the work carried out around the goal of “Improving quality, increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and innovating”, with a view to clarifying the 2024 policy and objectives, the summary of the company's 2023 work and the release of the company's 2024 policy were successfully held in the 4th floor lecture hall. The agenda of the conference includes the core content of learning corporate culture, the most 2023 people to thank, the company's heads of departments and so on. After reading out the core content of the company's culture, everyone expressed their 2023 thanks to the people they most wanted to thank. Some thanked their colleagues for supporting their work, while others thanked their leaders for helping them with their business, some thank their families. Of course, we also want to thank the hard work of their own, this persistence, this love not to give up, this brave forward, will let us have greater gains in the future work. Subsequently, the sales department, R & D Department, Production Department, Quality Department, Purchasing Department, Engineering Department, Production Technology Innovation Department, Finance Department, Administrative Department, Electrical Department responsible for the report in turn, this paper reviews and summarizes the achievements and shortcomings of the department's 2023 work, and puts forward the objectives of the 2024 work and the specific work to be carried out. Then, vice president Zhang Hongwei took the stage to speak. He said that in the 2024 that has come, all departments should continue to promote the 5s, zero-defect work, based on their own posts, do their own work solidly, at the same time, strengthen cooperation among all departments, let us work together to achieve the 2024 of quality and quantity of product delivery tasks. Finally, Zhang said he would like to thank the most people is the company's front-line staff, thank them for the normal operation of the company pay efforts and hardships.

Finally, general manager Qian Zhihong made a summary speech, he said that in 2022, we are “2021” down, 2023 we “Live” down, 2024 we still insist on “Live” down. “Live” down the premise is that we have to enhance the core competitiveness of the competitive market advantage, stand firm, or will be eliminated. A while ago, when I was interviewing a senior economist in Ningbo, the interviewer asked me a question. He said that the water heater industry is now a Sunset industry industry. What do you think of the future development of the company? My answer is this: there is no bad industry, only their own bad industry. So when we look at the problems we are facing, we still have to face them with confidence and enthusiasm.

The successful development and production of the Hangzhou Asian Games Torch 2023 laid a solid foundation for the successful lighting of the torch, and the completion and commissioning of our off-site apartments provided a warm and clean living environment for our staff, can let the staff feel at ease work, at the same time the original dormitory transformation plant also basically completed, to Time expansion, quality rammed the foundation; We also won the “Small giant of Zhejiang science and technology”, “National Science and technology-based smes”, “Cixi City's top 100 enterprises”, “2022 Fang Tai Invisible Champion” and other honors; We have also passed a major decision on the“Photovoltaic Investment Project”, which will make the transition to green, energy-saving and sustainable development on the premise of reducing electricity costs.

We must continue to 2024 the policy of “Improving quality, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and innovating” in order to “Survive”. The most important thing is to “Reduce costs”. Next year, the company's sales growth target is 10% , the target is 5% , including R & D cost reduction of 1.5% , production cost reduction of 1.5% , procurement cost reduction of 2% , administrative, finance, engineering and other departments to participate, all departments cooperate with each other and carry out a series of effective work around the target of cost reduction. Our work must have enthusiasm and initiative, the knowledge learned to apply to their own work, and then do a cross-cutting, horizontal development. In the New Year, we should not only think of danger in peace, enhance the sense of hardship, but also cheer up the spirit, full of confidence, and strengthen the courage to meet the challenges. The gas appliance industry is in an unusual period of great change, great development and great reshuffle. We should seize the opportunity, concentrate on it, go all out, be brave to compete, actively explore and bear the challenge, strive to be strong in the industry, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.