The company held a special promotion meeting on "zero defects"
Posted On:2023-04-12 00:00:00

      On the morning of April 12, 2023, the company held a special promotion meeting on "Zero Defects" in the conference room on the fourth floor, with a total of 24 management and department leaders participating. The meeting was chaired by the Director of Quality Department, Luo Fumao, who provided a detailed introduction from six parts: the management's determination to promote zero defects, the lean zero defect organizational structure and division of responsibilities, the annual zero defect promotion plan, the zero defect reading activity and excellent selection, the zero defect related training plan, and the zero defect manual.

      The lean zero defect organization is chaired by General Manager Qian Zhihong, with Luo Fumao as the overall leader of the promotion, and the Production Department as the promotion leaders for each business unit. In the later stage, the main activities include learning the "Zero Defect Manual", reading and evaluation activities, and hierarchical professional training. At the same time, the attendees jointly read the Zero Defect Declaration and promised to sign it.

      Finally, Mr. Qian summarized his speech and stated that in 2019, we followed in the footsteps of Fangtai to implement the zero defect campaign. We stopped halfway and then launched the Six Sigma campaign. Now, to restart the zero defect campaign, we must first have a certain understanding of zero defect promotion: zero defect is a train of thought and a direction, and Six Sigma is a tool and a method. Dear colleagues, do not feel that zero defects are difficult to achieve. We can persist for a month, at least reducing the occurrence of one problem. By persisting for 12 months, we have achieved zero defects for a year. Everyone feels busy and has unfinished tasks because we didn't start with a zero defect mindset, leading to frequent problems and unnecessary remedial work. We need to learn to use correct thinking first, combined with reasonable methods, so that the overall work efficiency can be greatly improved.

      Mr. Qian pointed out that the company's internal proposal improvement activities should be continuously promoted, starting from small aspects, and even if there is only a slight improvement, corresponding rewards should be given to the proposer. We need to first raise the atmosphere and ensure that everyone participates. At the same time, it is required to assess the improvement and promotion work of each department's proposals, continuously improve and work diligently every day, starting from multiple dimensions such as details, quantifying and analyzing the data, and ultimately reflecting the effectiveness of activity implementation. The proposal for improvement mainly considers three points: (1) Safety: all improvements and product design should consider safety, considering safety hazards from all aspects; (2) Quality: Consider whether it can help improve quality; (3) Efficiency: Can it reduce employee labor intensity and improve work efficiency. The improvement proposal and zero defect implementation are mutually reinforcing, and all colleagues in the company should understand the ideas from them, making "zero defects" our cultural genes and the fundamental adherence to our work quality.