Tianxing R&D Department conducts outdoor expansion team building activities
Posted On:2023-03-26 00:00:00

      In order to enhance the cohesion, centripetal force, and execution of the department, increase communication and exchange among personnel, and create a harmonious and dynamic team atmosphere. At the same time, we hope that engineers can relax physically and mentally in their busy work. Tianxing R&D Department organized an outdoor team building activity for the department on March 26, 2023.

The outdoor expansion team building activity is located at the Jiuting Resort Base in Siming Lake. The team building projects include adventure crossing, barbecue+archery, rope skating, cliff descent, real person CS, water kayaking, and other projects.

      The first is the exploration and crossing project, which involves crossing various obstacles on land and water. During the experience, the spirit of mutual help and cooperation was demonstrated, especially among young people who showed their youthful vitality!

      In the archery project, everyone competes to learn and improve from each other through competition. When having a barbecue meal, young people take the initiative to take on the responsibility, set fire and brush oil, and are skilled in techniques. Soon, the barbecue field will be filled with fragrance. After eating and drinking, prepare for more challenging challenges in the future.

In the rope skating project, everyone took care of each other and discussed the best braking position and method. Some people, in order to verify their improvement effectiveness, risk repeating it again, and their spirit is commendable!

      In the cliff descent project, it starts from a 5-story height and slides down through a rope that controls the descent speed, which is quite exciting! During the descent process, everyone reminded each other of the key points, encouraged and encouraged each other. In the end, everyone successfully completed the task.

      In the live CS project, divide into two groups to simulate CS battles. Through three character exchange competitions, we have enhanced our awareness of empathy and mutual cooperation when collaborating. Only through sincere unity can we win all battles!

      In the water kayak competition, two people are combined to form a kayak. After a short period of practice, six kayaks start the competition. The same kayak starts to draw a line, and when the signal is issued, only their respective slogans and shouts are heard. The outcome is not important, the process is what everyone needs to study and learn. The synchronization, coordination, techniques, breathing coordination, and stroke frequency of the two are all key to achieving victory.

      The outdoor expansion team building activity ended with everyone's laughter. This event achieved the expected goals, and everyone demonstrated bravery, fearlessness of obstacles and difficulties, as well as a team spirit of mutual cooperation and encouragement.

Archery project

Adventure Crossing Project (Land)

Adventure Crossing Project (Water)