Fangtai Group's 2022 Supplier Conference The company won the Fangtai Invisible Champion Award
Posted On:2023-03-21 00:00:00

      In order to promote sincere communication and friendly cooperation between supply and demand, establish a stable, win-win, and competitive supplier group, continue to build the world's most high-quality and competitive kitchen appliance supply chain, and work tirelessly for the happiness of billions of families, the 2022 Supplier Conference of Fangtai Group was held on March 21, 2023 at the Century Jinyuan Hotel in Hangzhou Bay. Cixi Tianxing Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting and won the "Fotai Invisible Champion Award" honor. Vice General Manager Qian Tianxing, as a representative of the supplier, took the stage to speak.

       As a small and medium-sized private technology enterprise, Tianxing Electric always adheres to professionalism, specialization, and focus. Considering the limited funds and other resources, we must focus on the limited resources. Therefore, our company's positioning standard is one word "specialization": always focusing on the field of mid to high-end gas appliance components, focusing on high-quality manufacturing, focusing on characteristic development, and focusing on continuous innovation, I have explored a suitable path for my own development, which is "specialized, refined, and innovative".

      Innovation can only survive and see the development trend in three years if it keeps up with the times. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to technological innovation and adheres to exploring cutting-edge technologies. It has established a provincial-level high-tech enterprise research and development center, provincial-level enterprise research institute, and provincial-level enterprise technology center, and has formed a professional research and development team of more than 60 people. The overall technology in the same industry in China is at a leading level, and has obtained 16 invention patents and mastered the gas proportional valve Key core technologies for products such as heat exchangers, motors, water pumps, and water valves. Last year, the company successfully developed products such as stainless steel heat exchangers, noise reduction magnetization devices, high-pressure water pumps, and miniaturized DC motors, creating favorable conditions for the timely launch of the Fangtai Magnetized Waterfall Wash series water heaters; Assist Fangtai in the intelligent upgrade of gas stoves and successfully develop proportional valves for stoves; Assist Fangtai in developing and manufacturing burners and membrane valves.

      In the company's quality culture, lean production is the main line, closely focusing on the goal of "improving quality, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and innovating". A production technology innovation department has been specially established, actively promoting the transformation and upgrading of automation equipment, and continuously innovating and improving process flow. Last year, we successfully developed equipment such as coil component automation production line, small motor automation production line, dishwasher motor load holding instrument, water pump circuit board connection welding and circuit breaker testing equipment, proportional valve airtightness performance automatic testing equipment, coil detection and loading automatic machine, greatly improving product precision and overall production efficiency. The company is constantly developing towards a less populated, intelligent, and digital direction.

      After nearly 30 years of self accumulation and rolling development, the company has gained comprehensive advantages in capital accumulation, talent gathering, technical support, and industrialization conditions. It has won numerous honors such as national key specialized and innovative "Little Giant", "Made in China Invisible Champion" era craftsman, Zhejiang invisible champion, Zhejiang innovative demonstration small and medium-sized enterprise, and Ningbo manufacturing single champion key cultivation enterprise.

       In the future, Tianxing Electric will continue to comprehensively improve its scientific and technological innovation, continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure, adhere to the exploration of cutting-edge technology, provide leading systematic solutions for gas appliance parts, from "runner" to "leader", from "supporting role" to "leading role", and provide customers with leadership

Deputy General Manager Qian Tianxing went on stage to receive the award



Vice General Manager Qian Tianxing delivers an award speech