The company holds the 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference 2023 Policy and Policy Release Conference
Posted On:2023-02-11 00:00:00

       In order to conscientiously summarize the work carried out around the goal of "lean, quality improvement, innovation and creation" in 2022, commend all kinds of advanced, and clarify the working policies and objectives of 2023, the company held the 2022 annual summary and commendation conference and 2023 annual policy and guidelines conference in the fourth floor Lecture hall on the afternoon of February 11. This conference includes various advanced commendations, core corporate culture content readings, and reports from department heads of various companies.

       At the recognition conference, 28 "Excellent Employees", 1 "New Employee Introduction Award", 1 "Best Proposal Improvement Award", 11 "Loyalty Award", and 1 "Merit Award" were presented by the company's senior management. Ding Wenting from the R&D department, Zhang Nana from the proportion valve, Tang Huihui from the assembly group 2, Zhang Qiuping from the quality department, Wang Yan from the assembly group 1, Zhang Limei from the wiring harness group 2, and Wang Zhiyuan from the R&D department delivered outstanding speeches.

       Mr. Qian pointed out at the meeting that the growth of the company cannot be separated from the efforts and dedication of every employee. Excellent employees are the driving force and source of our company's development. We hope that all the advanced employees present can lead other employees to continue to work with full enthusiasm, high fighting spirit, and firm confidence, pragmatic struggle, and forge ahead; I also hope that all other employees can follow your advanced example, learn from excellent benchmarks, and align with typical models.

       Next, everyone will read out the core content of corporate culture, including the company's mission, vision, and core values. Subsequently, the sales department, research and development department, production department, procurement department, quality department, engineering department, production technology innovation department, finance department, administrative department, and motor business department conducted annual work reports, comprehensively summarizing the achievements and shortcomings of last year, and clarifying the work goals and plans for 2023.

       President Zhang took the stage to make a speech. He pointed out that in 2023, we should complete all orders with quality and quantity guaranteed. All colleagues should use their brains more to consider how to improve production capacity, how to make Lean manufacturing meticulous and truly achieve zero defects. I firmly believe that under the leadership of Mr. Qian, we will work with a pragmatic and pragmatic attitude, focusing on efficiency, practicing internal skills, and making up for shortcomings, to create a new chapter in the future.

       Finally, Mr. Qian made a concluding statement, pointing out that from the beginning of the epidemic in 2019, to the "survival" in 2021, and then to the "survival" in 2022, it has been extremely difficult for our company to look back on these three years. For the entire year 2022, just after the Spring Festival, sporadic outbreaks of the epidemic occurred nationwide. Starting from March 16th, Shanghai began implementing comprehensive static management due to the epidemic, which led to the suspension of production for our main customers and a significant impact on our production; In June, Shanghai gradually lifted its lockdown, but the decline in copper prices also caused us heavy losses; By the high temperature in July and August, the government has imposed power restrictions; In the end, the national epidemic broke out and the surrounding areas were strictly sealed off. Throughout the year, it has been both confusing and difficult, but fortunately we have survived. Next, we need to consider how to live better and how to make 2023 a wonderful year!

       Mr. Qian pointed out that the emergence of the epidemic has indeed led to the closure of many enterprises, but ultimately, some enterprises are growing. We need to learn to review, learn to reflect on ourselves, and why do we

Winner of the 2022 Loyalty Award

Winners of the 2022 Merit Award

Group photo of all reporting personnel